Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Wise Words. ^^

Remember! Doubts and fears will only appears if we do not have spirit.

God always give the best for you, may be not the best for what you want, but its definitely the best for what you need.

Sometime we need mistakes to make us wise enough, because from a mistake we get the best learning about life.

Don't regret what have been gone. Remember, when someone say "good bye", somebody else would come and say "hi".

Don't ever think to give up, because if you want to try with any chance, God will help you to trough it.

Don't afraid to try something new in your life. if you succeeded you'll be happy. if you not, you'll be wiser.

Any problem you have, God would never late to give His help.You just need a little patience. Have FAITH..!!

Sometimes, you have to loose something unimportant things to be release and grateful what you got now.

When someone say bad things to you, actually he/she was show that his/her not better than you.

It's fair if you have fear, but don't let the fear stops you to reach what you want.

Life is end when you stops dreaming. Hope is lost when you stops believe. And love is fail when you stop cares.

Posted by ; Chiisai Inori (Heni Paramita)
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